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We offer very competitive rewinding prices; however there is always price variation depending on the status and condition of the electrical machines to be repaired.

Hence, all electrical machines are subjected to physical inspection whereby the unit is dismantled, the bearing journals and housings are inspected for acceptable international standards tolerances, the rotor eccentricity is checked on the lathe machine, growler tests and core tests are done to ascertain the condition and integrity of the motor stator and rotor cores before any repair is carried out.

Warranty we rewind motors to class H insulation system, bar winding of all types of slip ring and DC motors, carry out comprehensive electrical and mechanical diagnostics, we only use SKF rolling bearings for all repaired rotating electric machines and we carry out comprehensive mechanical repairs of electrical motors and generators to their original manufacturer’s specification.

We strive to offer quality based electrical services at affordable rates, we work on weekends when need arises and offer transport within Nairobi County & its environs including Thika at no extra charges.All our rewinds of electric machines are guaranteed for a period of one year from date of invoice and dispatch subject to the machine being operated within acceptable and allowable motor/generator specifications.

The guarantee does not cover failures such as mishandling, overload, phase failure, voltage surges, contaminants and mechanical failures.We hope that you will consider our qualified and professional quality services for any repairs of your electric machines that may require repairs from time to time.Should you require any further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us.